Pre-purchase Survey

This detailed survey will help you to assess the vessel value and functional condition before making a decision to buy and finalize the price. Our aim is to provide you an accurate survey report, detailing every aspect of the vessel to ensure that your decision is well informed and in-line with the vessel condition and value. The survey report also includes recommendations from our professional marine surveyors. You may use this for a better price adjustment based on repair recommendations provided by our experts. The recommendations will also help you to do the maintenance of the vessel after your purchase to make it sea worthy for your intended use.

We can conduct a sea trial of the vessel before finalizing the survey report to make sure we don’t miss anything for an extra cost. We encourage the potential buyer to attend this trial with our experts.

Our pre-purchase survey includes, but is not limited to, the following main areas in general:

  • Product Identification

– Vessel
– Major components
– Using/verifying hull, registration and serial numbers if available

  • Defects Identification (non-destructive)

– Defects
– Damages to the vessel and its major components
– Any previous visible repairs

  • Condition Evaluation

– Hull Internal and External Structural Integrity
– Deck
– Superstructure
– Mast spars and rigging from deck level using binoculars

  • Engine and Machinery

– We recommend professional Marine Mechanics to check your engines and machinery

  • Fuel and Water System

– Fuel system
– LPG System
– Water systems including tanks and plumbing work

  • Electrical

– All electrical instruments only, we recommend any further inspection of wiring and installations to be done by a professional Marine Electrician

  • Navigation systems
  • Fire and Safety Equipment

Our standard Pre-purchase survey does not include:

  • Machinery: Compression testing
  • Oil: Oil analysis
  • Tanks: Internal inspection and pressure testing
  • Hull and Deck: Destructive analysis of hull and deck structures
  • Hidden/inaccessible Areas: Invasive inspection of hidden spaces or inaccessible areas
  • Hardware: Fasteners and hardware are not removed for evaluation
  • Navigation Instruments: Not tested for accuracy

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